Solid Start™ is a supplier of automotive preventative maintenance products to the quick–change oil and automotive service industries with manufacturing and distribution locations throughout North America.  Solid Start™ provides a full line of quality products representing automotive integrity today, for tomorrow’s automotive service requirements…

Where We Have Been - Where We Are Going

Our Family has been in the Automotive Service Industry for three generations.  In 1964 Papa “John Ivy” started Willis Auto Service in Lakeland, FL.  In 1976 our father and uncle, Larrell and Dale Willis started Willis Brothers in their mother’s garage, manufacturing Paint Sealant and PTFE products which they sold in to the Phosphate, Citrus and Auto Service Industry.  From these humble beginnings they grew to more than 100 employees and more than 50 distributors around the world.  

Our father would quote Mr. George Jenkins (founder of Publix Super Market a $20 billion dollar plus company) When Mr. George Jenkins was asked by a reporter “Mr. Jenkins if you had not given so much away-what do you think you would be worth today?” Mr. George replied “probably nothing, Son- probably nothing’.  

Our family always tried to conduct business around the Win/Win philosophy.  Everything has to be good for the customer and yourself. Treating others the way you want to be treated – building trust, confidence, value, and therefore creating a stable business…
Our Family built our trusted programs, people, and quality products on a solid foundation.

Now “we” are here to do it again!
Solid Start and True Brand Products want to thank you for your support and understand the value you bring to the table.  Without you the customer we would not exist and with everything we do we will try to operate with our customer first philosophy.

 If we do not know the answer we will find it.
 If we do not have the product you want we will find it OR educate you the customer what is the best route for you and your customer.
 If we do not beat the price, call us, email us, find us, we will find a way that will NOT compromise service or quality.

This will be fun, exciting, honest, and worth your quality time.

Solid Foundation. Solid Products.

To Humble Beginnings.
Amber Kossak

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